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Mold Assessment

Eastern Home inspections LLC is a New York State licensed Mold Assessor Company (NY State License # 01442)

Mold is typically found in low levels in most homes, however when high levels of mold spores exist in the home they can potentially create health issues for certain individuals.


The Institute of Medicine (IOM) reported in 2004 that there were sufficient concerns that linked indoor exposure of mold at certain levels with upper respiratory tract symptoms in healthy people.


Increasing humidity levels and water infiltration can be found in showers, basements and crawlspaces, as well as improper HVAC system performance, plumbing or roof leaks. Under the right conditions these issues can enhance mold growth.


Our licensed and experienced technician will employ all necessary testing procedures and protocols to properly investigate any concerning levels of mold present, and identify the type of mold to accurately prepare a remediation plan.

Our testing procedures include a combination of visual, moisture and humidity measurements, infrared examination, as well as direct, bulk and air sampling driven by the situation under review. All samples taken are sent to a certified microbiology testing lab for analysis.


A detailed mold report and remediation plan will be prepared based on the results of the lab analysis and our visual and physical inspection process. The remediation plan will outline a specific protocol for the required procedure to remove the existing mold contamination and return the residence to a Condition 1 Status, as well as suggest the necessary actions and repairs to avoid a reoccurrence in the future.


Should you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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